Dr S. Vangehuchten - Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor (ENT)

The Consultation

Making Appointments

Appointments can be made telephonically
mon: 9u-11u, 14u-15u
tue: 9u-11u
thu: 9u-11u, 14u-16u
fri: 14u-16u

What you should bring

Cis-card, ID and social security vignette.


Upon arrival you should register with the secretary.

Your Files

Your file will be saved electronically and get backed up automatically so that even temporary technical break downs won't corrupt your medical files.


Appointments must be made telephonically. Emergencies or urgent telephonical questions might delay the consultations. We thank you for your understanding.
Children can play or watch TV in the waiting area.

Microscopic examination

the tympanic membrane can be examined by means of a microscope

Sound-proof cabin

The hearing test takes place in a sound-proof cabin where the patient is wearing a headset. He/she has to press a button when the signal is heard.


Tympanometry is a method for measuring movement of the eardrum and the middle ear ossicles. Due to certain diseases of the middle ear, the ear drum becomes less movable or the ossicles grow together, causing hearing loss.

Otoacoustic examination

Otoacoustic emission tests measure whether the inner ear is functioning normally. A soft earplug is introduced into the auditory canal and sends a signal to the ear. When the cochlea is normal, a signal comes back and is registered. This test is useful for determining deafness in young children who can’t be submitted to a normal hearing test, or for early determination of damage caused by exposure to noise. The test takes only 1 or 2 minutes time and causes no pain at all.

BERA test

A BERA test measures nerve conductivity from the ear to the brain. Certain injuries on this nerve can cause dizziness or hearing loss. By applying some stickers, the signal is measured and the results are transferred to a computer. The patient hears sounds by means of a headset. He should stay lying down quietly with his eyes shut. This test causes no pain at all.

Equilibrium examination

An equilibrium examination takes place in a revolving chair balancing to and fro gently.

The patient is wearing glasses equipped with a camera registering the eye movement, which is then displayed on the computer screen.

Endoscopic examination

Endoscopic examination. The doctor is examining the ear on the inside with a flexible camera; he can also examine your vocal cords using this method.

Allergy test

Allergies can be determined through the application of some drops onto the skin. Results are available within 10 minutes time. The patient should not take any anti allergy medicine, nasal spray or cough syrup for the 10 days before the test.